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Re: fedoraproject.org email lists

On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 9:45 PM, Josh Boyer<jwboyer gmail com> wrote:

>> 3) Is anyone currently working on this and if so, who are the owner(s)?
> IIRC, Dennis Gilmore was the last "owner".  I have no idea if that is still
> the case.

Dennis and I are "joint owners" on this one.  The plan was to "migrate
all lists", but that blocks on a few things, which haven't been taken
care of due mainly to lack of time and other, more pressing, issues.
Add to that when I'm available Dennis doesn't seem to be and vice
versa :)

Here's what needs to be done:

1) Build frontend SMTP servers.  Currently, collab1 is a single point
of failure for inbound SMTP (not a gigantic deal, just that mail gets
queued on the senders system rather than internally to Fedora).
There's also a scalability issue that we're concerned with.

2) Work out new names for lists that don't meet the naming conventions
we've set forth for lists (most notably, the words 'fedora' and 'list'
should not appear in the name)

3) Work with RHIT to get archives, list members, etc from existing

Honestly, there's not much work to do here - maybe two or three solid
days of nothing but this.  This honestly sounds like a great
opportunity for an Infrastructure FAD of a few days - maybe in NYC??
:)  (I'm partial, obviously......)

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