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Re: Trademark Guidance. Russian Fedora initiative.

Dear all,

I am sorry a lot for such a long delay with the answers - I had very limited internet access due to vacation. Please, let me answer Paul and Matt with this one letter as long as questions are interconnected.

> > As long as it is understood you are an informal group, there is no
> > need for a trademark license for your group name.  I could form a
> > group in my hometown called "Virginia is for Fedora Lovers" and as
> > long as I didn't make that group a legal entity, there would be no
> > need for such a license.  So I think this issue you can consider
> > solved. :-)

Ok. Thank you a lot for clear explanation.

> > Where and how is the
> > "russianfedora.ru" site currently being actively promoted?

This name is cited in number of off-line official magazines issued this spring after the meeting of Red Hat with Russian Ministry. (If you need a proof - I can try to find them and send you scans.) As long as some of these magazines are issued only once or twice a year (for example, Ministry Newsletter), we would like to keep this domain for at least two "releases" of these magazines.

> With regard to ru.fedoracommunity.org vs russianfedora.ru.  If the
> longer-term goal is to use ru.fedoracommunity.org as the primary name,
> but you have already given the russianfedora.ru name to various
> interested parties, can I suggest using HTTP rewrites?

It is really a good idea. We can do it. It will really help with smooth transition.

> > I think the first logo might need a small bit of tweaking to satisfy
> > the following usage guideline:
> >

Ok. I see. We will adapt the logo.

> > There are two ways to go:
> >
> > 1.  If the Russian Fedora logo includes the official Fedora logo, as
> > you requested above, you will still need a trademark license agreement
> > specifically for production of non-software goods.
> >
> > 2.  If you decide to instead brand only with your website, such as
> > "russianfedora.ru," this may not be necessary.

It is clear. We will submit requests for all the goods that will include official Fedora logo.

> > You do not need a special license for shipping Fedora Remixes, but you
> > should be aware of several things:


It is clear as well. Of course it will be branded "Russian Fedora Remix" and use Fedora Remix logo. And we will do our best to double-check this policy with independent Russian distributors who sell hard-copies of Linux distros (like linuxcenter.ru and others).

So, I guess, that is it. From my point of view everything looks solved. :-)

As I see, the next practical steps are:
- I will contact the actual owner of the russianfedora.ru domain and ask him to execute the agreement asap.
- We will jointly take care of "mod_rewriting" russianfedora.ru to ru.fedoracommunity.org. (Please, let us do it in a week or two, after I will be completely back from the vacation.)

Best regards,
Alexey Vasyukov
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