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Fedora's LWN subscription

Just over a year ago, we[1] purchased a group subscription to LWN for 75 accounts. The purpose of these accounts was to ensure that Fedora contributors who might otherwise not have access to LWN's premium material would have the ability to access it.

We just renewed the subscription, and this seems like a good time to clean it up.

We have been using 73 of the 75 accounts. Of those 73, there are 18 who have not logged in since September 1, 2008 (just over 6 months).

As the administrator of the subscription, I'd like to propose the following:

* remove those people's subscriptions, giving us 20 total subscriptions free to allocate.

* advertise on Planet and fedora-announce-list to see if there are new Fedora folks in the past year who would like a subscription, and distribute them.

I'd like to be fair about distribution, so I was thinking to set up a wiki page where people could request a subscription, and give it a deadline. Once the deadline hits, have a little lottery if there are more requests than there are open subscriptions.

Repeat every 6 months.

Thoughts, comments, or objections?


[1] The purchase was made from the budget of Red Hat's Community Architecture team.

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