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Re: Proposal for ML conduct

On 05/15/2009 12:16 AM, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> The Board had a long discussion today about the increasingly toxic
> nature of discussions on Fedora Project mailing lists.  The meeting
> minutes are available on the wiki[1], as always.  I wanted to point
> specifically to the proposal currently before the Board.
> The problem:  The Board is disappointed at the degradation in tone and
> signal of some Fedora Project lists.

Why focus only on the mailing lists? How about IRC, forums or other
means of communication? For the record, IRC conversations in #fedora
have frequently been problematic as well. I think, you can bite the
bullet and formalize a code of conduct now as I suggested a while back.
If you are willing to ban a person for behaving rudely in a mailing
list, I am sure that it can be used as a enforcing mechanism for a code
of conduct. IIRC, that was the issue against it before.

A question to think about: What do you when a Red Hat employee working
full on time Fedora does this? Do you ban that person from the project
as well? Not suggesting anyone is actually doing this. Just something to
think about.


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