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Re: Proposal for ML conduct

On 14.05.2009 20:46, Paul W. Frields wrote:
The Board had a long discussion today about the increasingly toxic
nature of discussions on Fedora Project mailing lists.  The meeting
minutes are available on the wiki[1], as always.  I wanted to point
specifically to the proposal currently before the Board.

The problem:  The Board is disappointed at the degradation in tone and
signal of some Fedora Project lists.

I completely agree that there is a problem but sorry, I strongly dislike how the board acted/acts here.

IMHO those that complained should have first made attemts to discuss a proper solution on the effected lists (which didn't really happen afaics) before going to the board for asking for help. Everything that comes from the board like this feels like "some magic group at the top of the hierarchy decided something without even bothering those that are effected first". That is IMHO not how community project should act.

IOW: yes, we need a board for the hard decisions, but it IMHO should only get involved after other ways to solve the problem have failed. Otherwise the contributors feel like small unwanted bees that are needed to do the leg-work, but there opinion doesn't count.

The proposal:

To resolve this, the Board appoints one or more Board members or other
Board-approved volunteers to monitor Fedora Project mailing lists.
The Board will warn violators of our "Be excellent to each other"
policy in the form of a one-day list moderation (with notice to the
poster).  Messages not allowed through will be returned to the poster
with explanation as to why they were not allowed.  If after one day of
moderation, the violation continues, the case will be brought to the
Board for further action, which could include permanent moderation,
complete removal from the project, or other remedies.

   Being excellent to each other == No personal attacks, profanity
   directed at people or groups, serious threats of violence, or other
   things seen by the monitor as to be purposefully disrespectful.

* * *

Counter proposal: Let the community regulate itself. Ran all the mails through a procmail recipe or something like that adds to links at the bottom of all mails like this:

You mostly agree with the poster? Click here:

You think the poster was not nice to others

Check how others see this mail:

Of course we need a small app on the server to count that.

If someone then was "not nice to others" then at least some of the people will click the link. The one that wrote the mail gets direct feedback from those that read the mail and not from a magic board police guard that should use his time for better things.


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