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Re: Proposal for ML conduct

Mike McGrath wrote:

<just going on record>

Opression sucks.
Censorship sucks.
Board members spending their time on jerk patrol sucks.

I know I'm pointing out problems and not solutions, I apologize for that.

</just going on record>


I agree with Mike, and I want to make my own stance on this issue very clear.

I have something of a gift... I am able to communicate quickly and effectively on all levels of discourse.

>From the severely mentally retarded, to the most intelligent scientists... I can communicate at their level of discourse, using only the words they'll understand.

The consequence of this 'gift', is a severe aversion to words and phrases meant to "beat around the bush", ie., hint at the proper word, wherein such words might be offensive.
(Another consequence of such a gift, is an aversion to the 'willfully ignorant'... ie., those who can learn but refuse to. I find this group offensive regardless of their intelligence/lack thereof)

Hence, when talking to the average 'Joe Idiot', cursing is not only commonplace, but demanded for quick and effective communication.

I will not censor myself/limit my ability to communicate to suit the P.C. pussies.
Those who take offence to this can kiss my ass.

I do not bow to oppression or censorship.

I am a free man today, I will remain free at all costs.

Lyos Gemini Norezel

"You see, if religious values are to trump everything in this world as they, currently, seem to be doing...
well then, I claim free speech as my religion.

Yes, I'll have a slice of that pie too, thank you. Along with all the other attendant rights and privileges, of course.

Because I can assure you that I venerate free speech as highly anybody on this planet venerates their god or
their scripture or their prophet, and any attempt to suppress free speech is deeply insulting and grossly offensive
to me on a personal level; I feel violated to the very core of my being which seriously hurts my feelings.

Whenever I hear free speech being compromised or restricted, or even heavily criticized, I take that as a grave
personal affront and as a grotesquely insensitive attack on my most cherished values.

Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of identity... this is my holy trinity.

Each one an intrinsic aspect of my God... Freedom, the holiest of holies.
Yes it bloody well is, it is absolutely sacred and inviolable beyond any negotiation or compromise now and forever... Amen.

Sorry to be so unreasonable about it, but you know how it is with religion." -- Pat Condell ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bzTA_D5NpU )

fn:Lyos Norezel
adr:;;;;Ohio;;United States
email;internet:Lyos GeminiNorezel gmail com
title:Computer Repair Technician
note;quoted-printable:"Those who hunt monsters beware, lest they become monsters themselves.Ify=
	ou stare long into the abyss, the abyss stares back into you." --Nietzsch=
	Mundus Vult Decipi et Decipiatur -- Latin Proverb

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