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Upcoming Fedora Election Schedule (Proposal)

* F13 Naming Schedule

The schedule proposed by John appears perfect to me so if there are no
objections we'll proceed with that schedule as outlined here


* Fedora Advisory Board and Steering Committee Election Schedule

November 10-16: Nomination of candidates for open seats
November 17-23: Candidate questionnaire period (answers are private
until published as a group)
November 26: Publish questionnaire responses no later than November 26
November 27 - December 3: IRC town hall meetings (1 or 2 at the
discretion of the board/committee)
December 5-7: Live town hall meetings at FUDCon (?)
December 8-15: Voting period

I am proposing a slightly more compressed nomination and voting period
than we have had in the past to accommodate better processing of the
questionnaires which were found to be very valuable last election
cycle but for which there was not sufficient time to publish answers
prior to all of the  town hall meetings.

I haven't been a party to the discussions about live town hall
meetings at FUDCon in Toronto but I see them on the draft election
page at


I'm really not sure how these are intended to work when the candidates
for open seats may well not be present. I am only aware of one FAmSCo
member planning to attend and a subset of the other bodies. Can
someone fill me in on how these are supposed to be useful in the
election process? If they came before the IRC town halls I could see
them providing good context but happening at the very end of the
election process I'm unclear what role they are supposed to the
playing in the elections.

Comments please.


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