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Re: Upcoming Fedora Election Schedule (Proposal)

On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 10:38 AM, Francesco Ugolini
<fugolini fedoraproject org> wrote:
> 2009/11/8 inode0 <inode0 gmail com>:
>> I am proposing a slightly more compressed nomination and voting period
>> than we have had in the past to accommodate better processing of the
>> questionnaires which were found to be very valuable last election
>> cycle but for which there was not sufficient time to publish answers
>> prior to all of the  town hall meetings.
> I really like the idea. Will it be unique for all the committees and
> advisory board?

It wasn't last year but it could be this year if there are
suggestions. Here is a link to the questionnaire from last time.


>> I'm really not sure how these are intended to work when the candidates
>> for open seats may well not be present. I am only aware of one FAmSCo
>> member planning to attend and a subset of the other bodies. Can
>> someone fill me in on how these are supposed to be useful in the
>> election process? If they came before the IRC town halls I could see
>> them providing good context but happening at the very end of the
>> election process I'm unclear what role they are supposed to the
>> playing in the elections.
> If there is a camera and a microphone they could be used to create
> videos. Just a small problem: only fudcon attendees will be able to
> make questions/give answers.
>  I think FUDCons could be a good platform to start a discussion, at
> list for ambassadors, on local/regional issues. I think, in this case,
> if NA ambassadors agree it could be interesting to see what could
> happen with this system.
> >From the other committeess/advisory board, I don't know how it could
> impact, since their model seems different from ambassadors project one
> (our goals require a regional structure).
> BTW, IRC meetings are a great place to have people all together, and
> sure Ambassadors will have one ;)
> Just another point: is December 27th a doable date? I don't know how
> many people will attend it (it's just 2 days after Christmas day).
> Maybe a good promotion of this date will help people organizing their
> time in order to attend.

The elections as proposed conclude on December 15.


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