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User Profiles

From last week's board meeting (2009-11-05)...

  * ACTION: poelcat and stickster to gear up FAB thread, getting
    experienced UI/design people to help with user profiling


I'm starting this thread (with Paul's help) and looking for help and a more concrete methodology for building user profiles. Creating user profiles is part of the project the board is helping to lead around who Fedora's target audience is. Normally an organization would commission a market study to help identify it's target audience. These studies require expertise, time, and money... all of which are in short supply to us now. With that in mind we are attempting to reach the same place, but with a less scientific approach.

I took information from the the 2009-10-29 board meeting to start a wiki page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User_Profiles

This page obviously needs a lot more work and I'm wondering if we could get some help from the desktop and design team to know how to be best represent these profiles and build them out.


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