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Community domain request From April 2009

Dear *,

Following the request I did in April for be.fedoraproject.org - I know it is quite a long time -, the fedora-advisory-board and you requested us - Vincent Van der Kussen, Bert and I - ( https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-advisory-board/2009-April/msg00004.html) to give you more details about :

be.fedoraproject.org -> IP address :

> The team that will maintain the site, and their current role(s)
   Vincent Van der Kussen, Bert and I. - Fedora Ambassadors -
   Vincent would be in charge of the Web server as it is own.

> What application will be available at the site ( static pages? Blogroll ? etc.)
   Mostly static pages

- Why we need a Belgian Fedora website :

Belgian coverage of Fedora is low, (most) people have the idea that Fedora is the old Red Hat system.

- Purpose of the website
    - Give people a place to find Belgian information (redirect to Dutch items on the Official Fedora wiki.)
    - Give Ambassadors a place to get together.
    - Reviews of Belgian Fedora activity.
    - Fedora Belgium is no substitute for the Fedora Wiki concerning information ( small items must be possible)
    - Get more people to start using Fedora, so maybe some of these people might even start contributing.
    - Central place for extra info of Belgian events.

This website doesn't need to be a big thing, some basic information for interested people and links to Fedora related information on the internet.

Thanks for you time and your efforts.

BTW, thank to Vincent for this argumentations.

Best Regards

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