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Re: User Profiles

2009/11/19 Máirín Duffy <mairin linuxgrrl com>:
> B) Most frequently-used applications list (should include rich client /
> desktop apps AND web applications.) Mugshot used to have a tool that
> collected this data, and I think it's in gnome-shell now.

It is, yep.  It would be at least a few days of work to have this
appear in GNOME 2 as well, but possible.

> Is there any
> way we could allow users to opt-in to this sort of application usage
> data collection?

I think changing the current firstboot smolt screen to be "Join Fedora
Feedback" with an option set like:

[  ] Send all automatic feedback to Fedora
  [  ] Send hardware profile (more information)
  [  ] Send application usage (more information)
  [  ] Send crash reports (more information)
  [  ] Send computer performance data (more information)
  [  ] Send ...

The client parts of this are not too hard; the Fedora Infrastructure
part is harder, last I talked with them about something like this they
had a lot of concerns about storage space, etc.  In the big picture
all of infrastructure at the moment is contributor-scale and not
user-scale, and that's a big leap even if we're saying the user is
likely to be a contributor.

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