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Re: Queries about Fedora 13 naming process.

On Sat, Nov 21, 2009 at 07:35:31AM +0530, susmit shannigrahi wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering after initial approval, how names are actually
> selected from the long list of suggestions. Is there a definite
> process? Yes or not, would it be possible to provide the reasons for
> rejection beside each name? At least from board's part?

We try to provide justification as often as possible during the
initial phase, when names are moved to the rejection list for not
meeting guidelines.  Of the names not selected this time, the
following reasons applied:

* Two word names
* Not meeting the "is-a" test precisely
* Repetition (Greco-Roman era naming from the past two releases)
* General unsuitability (first names, connotations, etc.)
* Lack of creative linkages out for F14 names

In some cases this did require a judgment call, and attaching that
reason to a particular name suggestion could be discouraging to an
individual contributor, which I'd prefer to avoid.  We had a long list
of names, some of which were very creative, submitted by the
community.  Shortening that list is a difficult task, but the
resulting ballot is pretty diverse and a good reflection on the
suggestions we received, so thanks to everyone who participated!

The general guidelines for release names are found here:


> Also, there is at least one anomaly. Langstrom (Constantine is the
> last name of a character in comics, so as Langstrom) is approved by
> both board and legal while other names has been rejected for being
> from comic books and which is clearly written at the top of that page.

The notice says that comic book linkages "will likely be rejected,"
but not that they will *automatically* be rejected.  The Board members
found this particular name acceptable for the ballot.

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