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Re: Fedora Remix and Adblock extension

On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 04:16:31AM +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Hi,
> If I include the Adblock extension by default in a Fedora Remix, would I
> be violating the Mozilla trademark license agreement? Just wanted to
> make sure before I do that.

I'll start by saying that this isn't the place to argue Mozilla legal

> Reading http://www.mozilla.org/foundation/trademarks/policy.html, it
> seems that extensions by default is not allowed

Mozilla has a process by which you may request permission to do so.

>  but I see other distributions doing that. In particular, Ubuntu has
> Ubufox (https://launchpad.net/ubufox) that offers a choice of flash
> plugins and recently, they experimented with a search modification
> as detailed in
> http://lwn.net/Articles/345945/

It's possible that Canonical has requested permission from Mozilla to
to do these things and still retain use of the Mozilla trademarks.
>From my cursory reading of the Mozilla Trademark License Agreement,
I'd think they would have had to do so.

Red Hat and thus Fedora has permission to modify Firefox and
Thunderbird (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraLegalIssues).

> So, is this allowed or not? If it is not allowed, is there any other
> software in Fedora with similar constrains? Can this be documented in
> the Remix or Legal pages in the wiki? I think Fedora Board should look
> into this matter and hence I am posting it here.

Fedora's Licensing Guidelines call out strictures on copyright and
patents, but not specifically on trademarks, on packages included in Fedora.

It's a fair question.  It could also become an incredible timesink, so
let's be sure we know what we want to get out of this before going to
the lawyers for advice.  Specific questions please.


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