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Re: Fedora Remix and Adblock extension

On 12/01/2009 12:32 AM, Bill Nottingham wrote:

> It sounds like you're implicitly asking us to not agree to Mozilla's
> trademark agreements, and to go the Iceweasel route. We have decided
> in the past not to do this; I'm not sure why we'd change now.

I am asking the Fedora Board to reconsider the full impact of agreeing
to Mozilla's trademark restrictions and whether it is in line with
Fedora's stated goals. Renaming is one choice the Fedora Board has.
Talking to Mozilla about it might be another. I think, at the minimum
whatever permissions are granted to Fedora should be available for the
entire Free software community and not be exclusive to Fedora.

I think that matters whether or not it is copyright restictions (which
we don't allow) or trademark restrictions (Firefox) or patent
restrictions (Fluendo MP3 codec).  Otherwise what stops us from
including Fluendo MP3 codec by default in Fedora?  I would be interested
to hear the rationale that excludes one but not the other.


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