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Re: Fedora Remix and Adblock extension

Rahul Sundaram (sundaram fedoraproject org) said: 
> The trademark guidelines from Mozilla seems to restrict it.
> http://www.mozilla.org/foundation/trademarks/policy.html
> "In addition, if you are distributing Mozilla binaries yourself, and
> wish to use the Mozilla Mark(s), you may not (a) disable, modify or
> otherwise interfere with any installation mechanism contained in a
> Mozilla product; (b) use any such installation mechanism to install any
> plug-ins, themes, extensions, software, or items other than the Mozilla
> product"

Actually, my reading is that "any such installation mechanism" refers
to the mechanisms contained in the mozilla product. Given that the
installation mechanism here is ISOs and RPMs, that would not count.

But of course, as stated earlier in this thread, WANL, and talk to


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