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Re: "What is the Fedora Project?"

Bill Nottingham said the following on 10/07/2009 08:00 AM Pacific Time:
John Poelstra (poelstra redhat com) said:
2) We really need to resolve this topic that has been on the board's
agenda since January 2009.  For some of us, since we joined in July
2009.  I'm proposing that we set a hard deadline of "the end of
FUDCon."  This means that by the time we leave FUDCon the first part
of December 2009, this issue will be officially closed and off our
agenda until there is a reason to revisit it and we can start 2010
with a clean slate.  Are there any board members who would not be
able to commit to this goal?

... there is an election coming after F12 is released, turning
over (potentially) 4 board members. We can still tackle this before
then, of course.

Even better reason to close out this topic and also a great opportunity for the voters to better understand the position of the candidates.

In reply to a previously asked question, by "close out" I mean address this topic significantly enough so that it can be dropped from the agenda of future board meetings and if questions are raised we have sufficient detail on the wiki to point people to. And if from time to time the wiki is not sufficient we make minor tweaks instead of having restart the whole discussion and discuss for another six months.


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