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Re: "What is the Fedora Project?"

On Thu, Oct 08, 2009 at 08:11:18AM -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
>On Thu, 8 Oct 2009, Josh Boyer wrote:
>> On Wed, Oct 07, 2009 at 10:18:48PM -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
>> >On Wed, 7 Oct 2009, Josh Boyer wrote:
>> >> >5) By F15 I'd like to see a killer virtualization management system in
>> >> >Fedora.  What we have now is a lot of disparate tools.  All of which are
>> >> >getting better, none of which are on the level with the likes of vmware.
>> >>
>> >> OK, confused.  2, 3, and 5 seem to have nothing to do with Fedora itself.
>> >> Additionally, 5 here seems to be based on the assumption that the Fedora
>> >> project is a development organization or that we control development
>> >> resources that we can direct.  I don't think either is true.  I think Fedora
>> >> is a _showcase_ for development that happens elsewhere.
>> >>
>> >
>> >yet 2, 3, and 5 have all been hackfests or discussion points at the last
>> >two fudcons I've attended.  Also, that's kind of my point.  They don't
>> >have much to do with Fedora at the moment.  But I'd like to see us do
>> >them.  Just like NM typically gets its changes here first.  We can through
>> >resources and help at upstream projects more for even better relationships
>> >with upstream.  This is just doing more of what we are already good at.
>> NM is showcased here first.  I'm pretty sure all the NM changes are still
>> going into upstream before they actually show up in a Fedora RPM.
>But that's not to say it's not tightly coupled with Fedora.  When there's
>a NM problem, people go in #fedora-devel and ping Dan Williams.  When
>there's a problem with yum they do the same thing to Seth.  There are
>several other examples.  It's because Fedora is where a great deal of this
>type of development is happening.  This extremely low barrier to upstream
>is what I'm talking about.  Fedorahosted makes this even easier.

I'll concede that point.

>> >> Now, I'm well aware of the fact that Red Hat (and other companies) pay
>> >> people to work "on Fedora".  However I think the actual development is done
>> >> in the upstream projects and Fedora just happens to be the test/delivery
>> >> vehicle for that work.  The Fedora project also doesn't dictate what those
>> >> developers do.
>> >>
>> >
>> >Something I want to see changed.  I'd like to have facilities to do this
>> >more in Fedora.  We're starting to have this stuff like we didn't before.
>> I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what you mean by any of that.  What exactly do
>> you want to see changed?  What facilities would you like to have?  What are
>> we starting to have more of?
>Upstream developers regularly come to me (as the Infrastructure Lead)
>Looking for additional resources to do X or Y.  I'd like to start
>providing that.  This comes both in terms of just guests to do testing, as
>well as infrastructure for clients on our installed userbase to do
>reporting back for various information.

I see.  I was more focusing on the 'we can't dictate what developers do' part,
while you were focusing on making it easier for upstream to do what they want.
That's fine.


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