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Re: "What is the Fedora Project?"

On Thu, 8 Oct 2009, Dimitris Glezos wrote:

I, too, have been spending quite some time thinking about this topic
and discussing it with various people -- both in the Fedora
contirbutor community and outside. I'm quoting Tom's reply below
because I find myself agreeing in almost all points, TBH.

I'm consciously avoiding to satisfy my need for control in open
source. Sure, I'd also LOVE to have a clear direction and everything.
But this will strip the community's strongest tool, which is pluralism
and freedom of choice from a diversity of different directions.

I'd encourage people who would like to see Fedora go to a different
direction to actually COME UP WITH A PLAN for it, and start
implementing it. They'll have my full support, in all levels. In this
sense, I disagree with folks who draw lines saying "we shouldn't do
this" -- and I've expressed this opinion in all levels too. We should
encourage people to try different things and CHANGE the Fedora goals.
If the community follows, the Board will follow, because it's an organ
by and for the Community.

Let's say some people here on this list wanted a non-gtk-fedora. And they prepared a set of patches for anaconda to get rid of the gtk/gnome requirement there. If we had enough people behind it would the board say to the anaconda team manager: the community has said they want a non-gtk-fedora. We should follow them?


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