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Re: Fedora 14 (two releases away folks) Feature proposal

On Thu, 8 Oct 2009, Adam Jackson wrote:

The fallacy here is the implication that any given Fedora spin is
equivalent to an unqualified "Fedora".

It's not? I thought all fedora spins had to be 'fedora'. And why is the kde or xfce spin necessarily less 'fedora' than any other? Isn't it that way by the decision of the board?

Besides that, empirically, this just isn't true, I think it's detrimental to the project to completely abdicate content definition to the user. This isn't just about having an "I don't care, pick one" button, it's about making sure that the thing you get when clicking that button is both consistent year to year and the best experience we can offer.

So in terms of our priorities consistency is where versus making sure our spins are offering features and functionality to our users?

I have trouble thinking of a way that randomizing the desktop selection
every release would make a user's life better.

I don't think anyone suggested randomizing it.


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