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Re: "What is the Fedora Project?"

Hey Greg!

On 10/09/2009 11:05 AM, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
Note that this does *not* mean that we're settling for some watered-down
form of lowest-common-denominator democracy, as some seem to imply;
rather, it is a pluralistic meritocracy, in which we recognize that both
ideas *and actions* can come from all directions, even opposite ones --
and that today's popular idea is not necessarily the only worthwhile
idea. It is critical to understand this pluralism, and to protect it.

I understand that there will be a handful of cases that are truly
either/or -- i.e. there can be either one default spin or many default
spins, and we must choose one or the other. That's fine. Let's make
decisions where we must make them -- but otherwise, let everyone pursue
their passions as far as their abilites will carry them, and let us do
our best to recognize those efforts wherever they bear fruit.

I agree with this. However, I'm not sure anyone here wouldn't.

I don't *think* folks here take issue with the ingredients we've got floating around in the kitchen, and I don't think anyone is looking to throw any of them out. I think the problem is more that we haven't decided on a recipe with which to present them in. In the end, we've got to offer a menu that makes sense. And to the outside world, the Fedora menu looks like a confused mess. Rather than try to interpret it, most folks head down to the street to the more-easily-grokked McDonald's.

So, I think the problem is more one of positioning / messaging / story. I feel like ours is ill-defined and happenstance, especially going through the process of the www.fedoraproject.org and spins.fedoraproject.org redesign. Does anyone else feel this way?

Let me give an example of another distro's positioning strategy to show what I mean. In the Ubuntu world, there is one Ubuntu desktop. If I tell my friends I'm using Ubuntu, they know what I am referring to. If you want KDE you go to Kubuntu, which has its own separate web presence / community - kubuntu.org. Same for XFCE, Xubuntu. Edubuntu. Ubuntu Studio (ubuntustudio.org). That gives their community a particular flavor / story that's different than our current one, where 'what is Fedora?' is a confusing question for an outside observer - our spins are more firmly under the Fedora brand than in Ubuntu's case, but the relationships between them, the default spin, and the community as a whole are still kind of muddy. [1]

Another example of a positioning model that I am unsure if anyone follows - what if Fedora *is* the default spin, and the other spins were posed primarily as 'content packs' that you can load onto the default Fedora (still keeping the bootable spin images, but they aren't center stage as much as the spin content itself.)

What I would like to see come out of this discussion is a better story around the relationships and positioning of the elements of Fedora. I think right now we've got a bit of a messy smorgasbord. :-/ I would like to see us explore other models of refining and presenting our menu and some discussion around which models support our goals and values as a community.


(sorry for all the food analogies, I love cooking)

[1] I'm not trying to suggest the Ubuntu model is where we should go. I do not like that model. Instead, I'm simply trying to demonstrate an example.

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