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Re: Desktop Proposal

On Mon, 12 Oct 2009, Jesse Keating wrote:

> On Mon, 2009-10-12 at 17:18 -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> > Agreed, it should be the page that directs our contributors.
> Yes, we agree on the above.
> > To create a
> > usable, general purpose desktop.
> >
> >
> No we do not agree on this.  The Fedora Project's mission isn't just to
> create a general purpose desktop.  Not by a long shot.  By saying that
> at a /project/ level you basically tell every person out there that
> wants to work on making servers better, or wants to develop good
> documentation for software, or wants to create artwork, or wants to do
> anything that isn't a "general purpose desktop" to piss off and find
> another project.  I don't think that will result in more contributors
> coming to Fedora.

So lets leave the other missions in place, as suggested in the paper, and
just add one?  Is there anyone else on the list that thinks trying to
build a usable, general purpose desktop is not worth being a mission of
the Fedora Project?


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