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Re: Beta packages within stable releases

Ken Chilton said the following on 10/10/2009 12:57 PM Pacific Time:
Dear members of the Fedora Board,

I wish to encourage you to reconsider the policies regarding packages in Fedora releases. Currently, within Fedora 11, there are key packages being distributed which are still in beta or otherwise unstable condition with matching, prior stable packages available. Fedora 11, as best as I can tell, is not a beta or development release.

I completely agree with you and think this issue should be addressed. I had a similar experience when a new MediaWiki update was added to Fedora 10 which required going to the command line, copying some files around and then running a script to update the database schema. This did not meet my expectations of an update to a stable release either.

As much as I would like the board to address this issue I want to be careful that this is an issue that the board should be deciding. In the past we have tried to be careful about not taking on issues that are FESCo's responsibility. Since this has to do specifically with packaging issues and how/when/where those packages are released this issue might actually belong to FESCo.

What are the views of other members of FESCo or the board?


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