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Re: "What is the Fedora Project?"

On Thu, 15 Oct 2009, Máirín Duffy wrote:

On 10/15/2009 10:40 AM, Seth Vidal wrote:
And this is the crux of our problem:

fedora is for latest leading-edge pkgs. It's not easy or reasonable to
have the latest of things AND have a stable interface for them.

So if latest software is fedora's raison d'etre then it sure seems like
fedora is just not for you.

how else do we set reasonable expectations?

Apparently we were able to achieve both the latest and stability several releases ago, though?

Not really.

I have a few explanations for this:

0. I suspect there is a fair bit of nostalgic memory going on here. Things get better the more in the past you put them in your memory. It's an evolutionary advantage to not remember suffering as well. :)

1. at f6 things were still 'core and extras' and core meant @redhat.com people only which, implicitly, meant things went slower. That's not a positive statement. Look back at the complaints at that time. Look at the folks yelling that fedora was not bleeding edge it was not living up to its promise and stated goals.

2. f6 might have been a better than average release simply b/c of stablization work going into it for rhel5 - which was brought forth from f6. Also rhel5 coming out of f6 might be yet another reason for slower rev'ing of things in f6 b/c the internal folks were too busy to keep up a fast rev.

3. If you have a finite set of people who have to keep track of 100 things and you have the same number of people who have to keep track of 500 things I think you'll find that the people who have to keep track of the 100 things will do a better job. The size of the distro has grown significantly, the number of active contributors who are keeping things in shape has not grown that much.

Do me a favor - think of the set of people you remember from f6 who were keeping things together and think of the set of people today.

Now, how much larger is that group today than 3yrs ago? I suspect the answer is "not that much bigger".


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