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Re: "What is the Fedora Project?"

On 10/15/2009 04:45 PM, Seth Vidal wrote:
I think the problem is that we'll get yelled at on the other end:

"you're holding fedora back! What happened to latest and greatest?!"

Who would say that? We've not ever tried this, have we?

"If people want stability they should go use rhel!"

Like we have gotten whenever the subject of more stability has come up.

Stability is only one variable. This is why it's better to recommend a distro based on a full use-case rather than focus on one specific variable. Yes, RHEL is more stable. However, there's a dozen other variables in my use case that it does not match.

Fedora release today:

stability          [=====_______________] orange
latest technology  [====================] green

USER: I have no idea. Help?

CentOS (my perception):

stability          [=================___] green-yellow
latest technology  [=======_____________] yellow

USER: system administrator or home user wanting to offer network services or learn in order to be able to administer RHEL.

What I want:

stability          [==========__________] yellow
latest technology  [================____] green-yellow

USER: enthusiastic FOSS contributor looking to eat dogfood and expend some effort to help improve the dogfood flavor

I don't care about a few loud angry people. There's going to be loud angry people no matter what we do. There's loud angry people right now. We need to pick a direction we believe in, and go with it.

I'm not sure I can believe in Fedora as a science lab. I'd like to talk to some people who believe in that. You said yourself and Mike aren't advocating for it. Who is? Are we just standing in a circle beating on a poor old scarecrow?


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