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Re: "What is the Fedora Project?"

On 10/16/2009 01:43 PM, William Jon McCann wrote:
> Hi Spot,
>>From an experience design perspective, here is the way I think it should be:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Desktop/Whiteboards/UpdateExperience
> This set of requirements came out of discussions with members of QE,
> rel-eng, and Desktop.
> Comments?  If we can agree on these goals then we just have to figure
> out how make them happen.


This document... is a bit confusing to me honestly, because I'm not sure
that the terms used are defined effectively. What is a "System
Component"? When you refer to "the app they are using", are you talking
about PackageKit? Yum? XChat?

You mention integration tests, but provide no further vision there.

I also tend to disagree with specific points, such as:

* System updates may only be deferred for a short time after which they
will be installed automatically.

(I don't think we ever want to force updates down our users throats, as
well intentioned as we may be. Then again, I might be confused because
you seem to differentiate between "System updates" and "Application

It sounds very much like you are advocating a "Service Pack" model, and
I'm not sure that is functionally sane or even desirable.

Then again, I could be reading this wrong.

I think that in general, users only care about updates when they break
something. I'd rather focus on improving the quality (and decreasing the
quantity of) our updates than spend a lot of time worrying about
bundling and delivery times and locations.


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