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Re: About long self-definition discussions

Dimitris Glezos said the following on 10/15/2009 02:17 PM Pacific Time:
I beieve the long threads about what is Fedora are extremely valuable.
But I also believe that we online/email is not the best place to have

We have these excellent events called FUDCons and FADs. I believe the
Board/RH should take a bold decision and sponsor the travel of a few
key people to participate in the nearest event, and have a 4-hour
workshop about our direction. Specifically, the Board should be there,
as well as past Board members, key people in the community (eg. very
active FESCo members etc), and anyone else wanting to participate in
this discussion.

Clearly, online talk isn't really leading anywhere. Or it leads
somewhere in a very painful and slow way.


Thanks for raising this. I've thought this for a long time, even before the current discussions we have going on now... that the board should meet in person for a couple days once each year to discuss and resolve issues like this and that it would be a reasonable funding request to make to Red Hat.

Topics like this are difficult to resolve in our once per week, hour long meetings. Meeting in person for a concentrated block of time would make it easier.


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