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Re: Target audience

On 10/26/2009 09:37 PM, Paul W. Frields wrote:
Finally, the Board talked about the proposal for "unfrozen
Rawhide,"[4] which Jesse Keating offered at a Fedora event this
summer.  Just like many of our contributors, we've felt the pain of
having an uninstallable Rawhide, which negatively affects everyone's
ability to more efficiently deliver new code and features.  In
essence, Rawhide has been too often "eating babies" indiscriminately,
and we need to improve its contribution to our develoment ecosystem.
The Board feels that Jesse's proposal not only has the potential to
help us achieve a more installable Rawhide, but if it's managed
correctly we could have a Rawhide that more of our core contributors
could actually use during and prior to test phases -- while not
undoing our ability to allow and encourage innovation and new ideas.

I'm thinking of this while we're talking about target audiences and their experiences... Where was it again I had heard an argument for improved consumer experience before?

And so, because I've had this kind of conversation with the board before, not because I actually care about the answer on any of those questions;

- How many extra builds do we anticipate for unfrozen rawhide vs. rolling or pending release?

- How many extra resources in terms of storage, man-hours and ...

well. you know. you've been there. up and until you get to the point with the million dollar question...

And, FWIW, I think Jesse has a *great* proposal right there. When I say *great* I mean to say "Do it, get it done, before f13 -no pun intended, please! Need help?"

-- Jeroen

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