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Fedora Board Strategic Working Group

Following up on my post earlier this week http://poelcat.wordpress.com/2010/01/06/the-fedora-board-so-far/ and discussion at yesterday's board IRC meeting, I am proposing the following "working group" meeting of the board to satisfactorily address and close out the "What is Fedora" and "Target Audience" agenda items.

I'm proposing that the meeting be structured as described below. I'm posting here to give visibility to our processes as a board and ask which board members would like to participate.... please reply here if you want to participate.

I've heard a few suggestions for holding these discussions in IRC. Considering that board meetings can run 2 hours over the phone on this topic I cannot imagine discussing these topics over IRC. We can certainly address any questions or issues people want to raise at our monthly IRC meetings.

== Timing ==
o I'm looking for feedback until Wednesday, January 13, 2010.
o Thursday to Sunday I will find out the best day and time to meet each week
o Weekly "working group" meetings will start the week of January 18, 2010

== Big Picture ==
o A committed group of board members that are passionate about satisfactorily finishing the "What is Fedora" and "Target Audience" agenda items.
o Provide status at regular board meetings
o Bring specific structured proposals to the regular board meeting
o All decisions by way of proposals are reviewed and voted on by all board members at the regular meeting

== Framework ==
o Meet one day each week (outside of our regular meeting) for one hour on the telephone o Committed group of board members (this is not a drop-in/drop-out meeting or come when you like) --if you are passionate about this cause and believe it should be moved forward
  --committed to coming each week at the time we select
  --actively participating in constructive dialog
o All meeting minutes will be sent to f-a-b and posted to the wiki
o Proposals and ideas for moving these topics forward will be discussed
  --NO decisions will be made by this working group
o Once the full board has declared the "What is Fedora" and "Target Audience" discussions closed this working group will be dissolved

== My Commitment ==
o Own all meeting set-up logistics
o Facilitate the meeting discussion and keep us on track
o Publish meeting minutes

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