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Re: [Fedora-ambassadors-list] FISL Update

On 4/21/06, Rodrigo Menezes <rodrigomenezes12 yahoo com br> wrote:
Hi guys,

We are in the second day of FISL event, below you can find some photos. We'll update the website as soon as the event is running.


We found some guys from Red Hat, Christofer came with OLPC, some Juan Ruiz and other guys. They seen to be happy with ou presence here. We wanna says thanks to you all.

Thanks for the update.It seems u have done it with all the best u had.  Cheers! and keep up the good work.. :-)

Our webdesigner (Jayme Ayres) says: "I'm sorry", because the templates in the website is not good. We'll fix this as soon as we find some time.

Thanks guys!

Rodrigo Menezes

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