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[Fedora-ambassadors-list] Are we in a state of Chaos?

Well, the question is in the subject.

Is the ambassadors project in utter chaos, and losing focus?

First the ambassadors is the entire marketing initiative
Then, we announce ambassadors is strictly for spreading events, and the
marketing list is for all else.
And now, we are bringing non-ambassador stuff back to the ambassadors

And the meetings...
We seem to be spending as much time arbitrarily disciplining ambassadors
for `speaking out of turn`, as we are getting the work done.

I hate to say this, but I don't know if the current team of lxmaier +
tchung as chair of the meeting is working out :(, no offense to either
lx or thomas.

May I please volunteer EvilBob to perhaps lead the next meeting, if he
is available?

Perhaps it is time for each ambassador to rethink why (s)he is part of
the project, and what they hope to contribute.


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