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Re: [Ambassadors] FreeMedia India Distribution Backlash

On 12/4/06, Alex Maier <lxmaier gmail com> wrote:
On 12/3/06, Santosh Kumar <santosh fedoraproject org> wrote:
> As Imtiaz just pointed out, once a request is accepted it becomes a
> obligation and one has to ensure that it has been fulfilled before the next
> batch is accepted --

I would like to join in with Thomas Chung to say -- if you don't like
the way Free Media is currently fulfilled in India, what have *you*
done to make it better?

Accepting a few requests and shipping them out could prove much more
effective than a new request tracker.

I have previously done this... (August and September...) .. Now i have to replace my DVD writer and then i would be surely doing it!!  btw, i took up this issue now just because i received more than 4 mails requesting me to clarify why they havent yet received their requests and with no other intention...  and i had recently mailed the group that i wouldnt be able to participate in Shipping the Free Media until i graduate and thats the reason i even stepped down from being a co-ordinator of the Team India. I tried to convince that a better & efficient tracker was necessary and not to get pointed out.... Am sorry if i have done something wrong!!
Santosh Kumar

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