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[Fedora-ambassadors-list] meeting notes fedora ambassadors January 5, 14:00 UTC

Next meeting is Thursday Jan 12, 2006, 22:00 UTC

recorded by RobertWhetsel

House keeping:
For the first 30 days the status of a newbie Ambassador will be "on
probation" during which time they have a chance to prove themselves to
the group by contributing to the project (see Ideas below). During the
time on probation, the new Ambassador would not normally be able to
request money or materials from the project. Exceptions can be made in
extraordinary cases. If a person already actively contributing to
another project.

Off topic(OT) when an agenda is listed on we need to strictly follow
it. This allows for accurate meting minutes(mm), and clear action
items. We have had two meeting in the last two weeks and we have
basicly re-answered the same questions with the same answers as last
time. Our Goal should be clear; "Kick Gates in the nuts; further the
open source cause and promote Fedora Core". This can only be
accomplished if we are able to have achievable tasks that brings us
closer to our goal (see last sentence).

We need to choose the next meeting time and the next SC to run the
meeting and do the minutes.

Priority 1:
Review upcoming  owner: amaier events standing item
Review the FedoraEvents. Make sure they're correct. Make sure we've
got ambassadors covering them. Review these every week. Note the
calendar at: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event/

for all events:
Does an event have anything to do with Fedora?
	-No any venue will do

Anybody can add an event if they volunteer to go there or think it is important
	-We need to review the requests next week and hit the high points
	-If we review events early we can commit resources and maybe  take
advantage of
		free stalls, A talk, An install fest, etc...

Suggested Events:
	-LinuxTag in Wiesbaden www.linuxtag.de – GeroldKa:
	-BjornAndersen: http://linuxforum.dk/2006/

tchung's report on scale
Gareth Greenway from SCALE contacted us regarding 3 full passes
He wanted me to give him a list of guest who wll attend the SCALE.
I've already gave Warren Togami and two other contacts. See .org
BTW, please note the location *has been*  changed due to some issue.
More detail will be published in my next issue of FWN.

Do we have a check list of what we would want or need for an event or
a plan to promote fedora
	-handout DVD's to visitors
	-bring a machine with a CD burner... tell people to brng their own
DVDs and make em a copy of Fc
	-live DVD or CDs  (Our LiveCD project need more help from us)
		-Maybe post a request for a lead developer to fedora-devel-list or
an article in FWN can help
		-you could ask one of these guys:

Action Items:
	-SOP for adding event- unassigned
	-SC will put a watch on the page - need volunteer
	-Add GNUify to events - mether:
	-We need an Ambassador to volunteer to take a lead on coordinating
events on the wiki and reporting to the SC. - need volunteer

Priority 2:
Schwag pipeline: amaier
Need to make sure that the schwag pipeline is functional. This is
separate from the actual stuff we send; this is just making sure that
the stuff we send actually gets to the places it needs to go.

What is Schwag?
	-T-Shirts, DVD's, Red Hat Boxes, T-Shirts, DvD, hats, coffee mugs,
etc.. or any other free stuff that has our logo or promotes our cause

How do I get Schwag?
	-The idea is for jwulf et al to build some tools that will funnel
orders straight to the fulfillment system.
	-not answered

When can I get Schwag?
	-not answered

How long doe it take to get Schwag?
	-The schwag "pipeline" is, realistically, going to be more of a
schwag "trickle" until February.
	-not answered

What Schwag is available?
	-Design is scheduled to be complete end of next week
	-Shirts are supposed to be available in the US in late January
	-We're down to our last 1000 DVDs for FC4, and we don't have budget
to burn more until FC5-

Where does the Schwag come From?
	-DVDs, looking at FC5 for some truly *massive* numbers -- pricing 50
to 100k DVDs, and looking at prices for drop-shipping lots of 500
	-For DVDs, irrelevant.  Whoever gives us the best price and shipping
in the region.  mattwebb's decision.
	-not answered

Priority 2:
Email addresses at fedoraproject.org: sopwith
I know that Seth and Elliot are working on a good way to streamline
this process and make it part of the account system and/or the wiki,
but we need to keep up with it here. Meanwhile fill the required
information on http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Emails

Basically, there is nothing you need to do right now. We have control
over fedoraproject.org DNS now, and the next step is to change the
e-mail processing setup for that domain. Once that happens, all the
aliases that currently appear @fedora.redhat.com should also appear
@fedoraproject.org, and that will be it. Integration is happening so
that anyone with an account in the f.r.c account system will have a
fp.o address.

fedoraproject.org aliases are not yet available. If you create your
account now, you will get your fedora.redhat.com alias now and the
fedoraproject.org alias will be added as soon as they are available.

	-Someone is actually working on a mainling list for SC -who
	-As a suggestion: anyone can post TO the SC mailing list, but only SC
members can read the mails

Action Items:
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Emails Someone (who) audit
this and I'll forward a request to skvidal to make this work for now.
- gregdek_home

Priority 2:
Funding for attendance: amaier
We will continue to discuss funding options for shows.
	-sc will decide on which events will receive money

Priority 2:
Presentations for Ambassadors: amaier
We need to provide Ambassadors with some slide decks for various
presentations. We should probably aggregate the ones we already have
and make them available. We should also figure out our policy for
licensing these presentations!
	-Can Presentations: Should consist of multiple smaller categories
that an Ambassador could pick from as presentation time allows.
	Example or topics:
		FUD Fear Uncertainty & Doubt
		Defining Open Source
		What is the Open Source Development Process
		Linux History
		RedHat History

		What is the Fedora project
			 -Community Environment
			 -Current Projects
			 -Future Plans

	-template: people.redhat.com/sundaram/Fedora.sxi this is a good start
	-model: download the topics, apply either your own template or the
fedora template... but if you use your own template, ping the list
with it
	-We do need to keep all contributions covered under the right licensing scheme
	-a CLA might be necessary

Action Items:
	-We need an Ambassador to volunteer to take a lead on coordinating
the template for presentations- abompard
	-SOP for content review process – RobertWhetsel will put it on my
wiki for review before final commitment
	-rwhetsel will be releasing his lectures under the Open Business
Foundation and make available to Fedora's Ambassadors free and open
use after Company's legal clears request

Check out the new content on Fedora Project page! http://fedoraproject.org

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