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Re: [Fedora-ambassadors-list] Ambassadors Business Cards in OTT

Nayyar Ahmed wrote:


I will add a point here, i.e. i am running my company and when i do
visit people i first make sure that they are informed about my visit,
or even for a sudden meeting, i just through my visiting card to the
person or sometime his/her Personal Assistant, what they find in my
visiting card is My Name and Company Name, while they some time keep
it for future contact, i.e. email,phone no. etc. but they never take
it out from their table draw to figure out what type of person i am?
or even what is my second name? or even what is the theme of my
company etc. etc.

so in my experience visiting card is just to get started with some
one, the rest is our skills and code of conduct :)

this is what i feel about visiting card.

There will be no company names as part of the ambassadors cards. If the person holding the card cannot understand the basic references include you have a high chance of not getting any responses further down the line.

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