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Re: [Fedora-ambassadors-list] Ambassadors Business Cards in OTT


I belive or I suggest there are two different situations; on the one hand,
you're Hans Muller, normal person with normal job and normal interests and
NOW you are also another person; you are Hans Muller, Fedora Ambassador
and Fedora men who spreads out Fedora to the world on different events or
exebitions ...

In my opinion I need to have unfortunately from 8 am to 5 pm my business
card, on and in my other life as an Ambassador I need to have the
Ambassadors Visit Card which is need that all the people who are
interessted in Fedora, the procejt or part of the project can contact me
as the AMBASSADOR Hans Muller; maybe not the Hans Muller network engineer
or maybe butcher :-)

Hope this shows clear the difference between "normal life" and the life as
an Fedora Ambassador.

Since you "signed your contract" to be an Ambassador you're also an
"multible charakter" ...

Hopefully my awfull english and words can be understood :-(

Just my five cents



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