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Re: [Fedora-ambassadors-list] Account system for ambassador

Em Seg, 2006-01-23 às 22:46 +0100, Francesco Ugolini escreveu:
> I have complete the account system settings (my nick there is
> wmirror). 
> I have request to join in the ambassador project now i'm waiting for
> a 
> reply. In this day i and a friend (that help me to traduce some file
> for 
> my little business) are traducing the Fedora Overview by Federic
> Hornain 
> and, if we have other time other documents for friday.

Hi Francesco,

Translating Overview is great start! May I suggest you translate some
other basic content when you got the time:


The Install Guide is a bigger task, but as long as you got two
translators, you can share the workload, and also edit each other's
content to improve quality.

That's how we did for Brazilian Portuguese.

Hope these help!

David Barzilay
Fedora Global Ambassador
Remote Ambassador for Brazil

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