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[Fedora-ambassadors-list] Some words from your beloved Swedish Ambassador!

I am writing this to let everyone know a little bit more about what i am
working on, and what i have planned. I got sick last week, and haven't
been able to do any real work since thuesday that week. I have been able
to attend those two meetings that have been since that. Which feels
good, then i havent missed anything there. :)

Anyhow, here is some short info:

1. This is the msot important project for me personally - I am working
on a website that will promote fedora in Sweden, that will assist new
and current users and more. Unfortunally there were a mayor set back 2
weeks ago. I have chosen to use free php solutions to save time, which
it didn't. And the script i choose from the beginning destroyed a lot of
my work by cutting of longer articles. I have been forced to start over.
I am happy with what i have now and work will continue.

2. I am active in the translation group so lot of my time will go to
that. Because of sickness i haven't been able to do anything mayor yet.
Which feels a bit disappointing...

3. I am ordering businesscards as soon as i have the money to pay for it.

4. As soon as I have a working and decent website, i plan to contact the
mayor computer magazine in Sweden and tell them about it. They have
writen about stuff i have done before, so it should be any problems, but
who knows :)

5. I am supporting the Kadischi project, so far there have been some
translation. Whenever Kadischi needs me I am there :)

6. I am going to start looking into the events thing. What kinds of
events there are in Sweden, what kind of budget i need and stuff like
that. My economy doesnt allow any travelling right now, but i hope that
it will change soon.

These are some things that i am doing, i might have missed some but its
atleast a little contribution ;)

Thoughts, ideas and whatever are welcome

Best regards,

Mikael Jacobsson
Swedish Ambassador

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