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Re: [Fedora-ambassadors-list] Fedora "Teams"

Hi Michael,

We are working as a team in Brazil. Today we have 4 ambassadors working together (RodrigoMenezes, RodrigoPadula, DavidBarzilay and HugoCisneiros), and more 3 persons helping us in different areas.

Our local site: http://projetofedora.org/


Rodrigo Menezes

"Michael J. Knox" <michael knox net nz> escreveu:
Hi All,

I just saw a post on my LUGS list directing ubuntu users to a "NZTeam" page:


With their main page being:


I noticed there are many "teams" for different countries.

Is there something already happening within Fedora? Is this something
ambassadors could setup for there coutires etc?


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