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Re: [Fedora-ambassadors-list] review of Linuxtag 2006 in Wiesbaden, Germany

On Fri, 2006-05-19 at 23:38 +0200, Gerold Kassube wrote:
> Hi to all,
> please excsue me/us that we'll send our report so late as it is :-(
> We're all very busy at the moment and the week we're missing in the job
> must also be catched up ...
> Please find the combined review of the people who wants to write some
> words and feel free to post these words!
> last but not least before you read the whole commits; I wanna say thank
> you all, you guys which helped Florian and me that the Linuxtag was such
> a good event for Fedora in in my role as a Fedora Ambassador. 
> Special Thanks to Jens who was the whole time with me, Joerg who was
> every time at the booth and answered a lot of questions, Thorsten who
> has take care of his Sony Laptop .-) and not to forget Florian who has
> the most important role and work to do! And a very, very special thanks
> goes to the URZ of the University of Basel which was a big contributor
> for the booth :-)
> So enough from myself ...
> Review from Chitlesh Goorah (Kadischi / LiveCD)
> ===============================================
> Although the Fedora Project considered LinuxTag as a small event, this
> is a big event in Europe.
> A great event to meet great Fedora participants :)
> In accordance to the questions directed to me at the booth, I may say
> that there were quite some interest in the Fedora distro :)

I am pretty sure these questions were answered well but here is
hopefully more information that might be useful on future occasions. 

>  * How Fedora can be useful to disabled persons(eyes)? (thanks KDE for
> being useful here)

KDE and GNOME are settling down on AT-SPI based libraries and there is
potentially increase cross pollination between applications build on
them. It makes sense to highlight that. 

>  * Why Fedora Core (FC4 and FC5) default kernels have issues ? How about
> the testing behind it ?

Not sure what was the reference to FC4 kernel issue but FC5 GA kernel
definitely shows that core developers in Fedora do not test it actively
against non-free software. Others could potentially do that. If you got
better ways ideas talk to the Fedora QA lead about it.

>  * Can I have a livecd of Fedora ?

Hopefully a formal release by FC6.

>  * Why do my firefox have so much language packs as extensions which
> most of the time I don't need ?

Its a transient issue. We need to figure out a better way to do this.

>  * Fedora is known to be providing ONLY gpl'ed packages why do aiglx and
> Fedora directory server respectively require proprietary drivers and Sun
> Java ?

AIGLX doesnt necessarily depend on any proprietary driver. Intel i810
works fine for example. Fedora directory server is a large piece of
formerly proprietary product that is still being "freed". With Red Hat's
long standing investments in GCJ it is one of the priorities. I am
hoping that Fedora directory server is less of a silo in the future than
it is currently. 

>  * In Fedora /sbin is not in the PATH for _su_ example ifconfig but as
> _su -_, /sbin is in the PATH? other distros like Mandriva and Suse it is
> not the case. Why?

I am not sure. I saw a discussion initiated by you in fedora-devel list
but I didnt see any concrete answers. Did you get any?


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