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Re: [Ambassadors] Sharing Experiences with you !

Armel Kermorvant wrote:
Good Morning  Ambassadors,

We are glad to share with you all the experiences we had during the French Install Parties that hapened this month.

- Lille (2006 oct 21st):

    - We were 4 Ambassadors in Lille.
- Lots of people liked the 3d effect, this is a major point to promote in Fedora. - During the day, we had a lot of discussion with the Fedora Users and we had positive feedbacks about Fedora product and communauty.
    - One installation, but lot of questions arround Fedora.
    - On the MrTom's Blog, some pictures are available

Link doesnt show pics.

- Paris (2006 oct 28th):

    - We were 10 Ambassadors in Paris.
    - It was the 1st real adventure for some Fedora Ambassadors.

Face to face meetings are always more fun. Good to know that you guys managed to do this.

    - We prepared some presentions :
          - Fedora Project : MrTom
          - 3D Desktop Effect : [splinux]
          - Fedora Support : trashy
          - Open Source vs Non Open Source softwares : Armelk

Can you attach these presentations to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Presentations? If you did any FC6 fliers, English versions of those would be nice too.

The keys elements for the presentation and Fedora promotion are :
     - 3D Desktop Effects (All Fedora users and all people like it).

Yep. Desktop effects and good look and feel are a major attraction for new users. How easy was this to enable for various different cards?

- Fedora Project and Fedora Community, lot of people need a clear picture about Fedora and RedHat, the Ambassadors clarify this point.

Can you tell us more about the questions asked? Thanks for the report.


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