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Re: [Ambassadors] taggin non active ambassadors on he wiki

Guillermo Gómez S. wrote:
> As discussed in today meeting (irc), the point on discussion is:
> It hurts the project that some of the ambassadors publish their email
> address but do not respond to queries at all.
> My original proposal is to tag them somehow so the general public dont
> loose their time trying to contact them.

I agree that ambassadors not responding to public queries is not a good
thing.  I think a certain responsibility comes with working with the
ambassador group and this includes answering questions that come from
the public.  If a person does not know the answer, then they should at
least do their best to acknowledge the question/comment and do what they
can redirect them to an appropriate resource.

How to determine who the inactive ambassadors are could be a bit more
problematic.  Today there are 178 ambassadors listed on the All
Ambassadors list in the wiki.  What constitutes activity though?  Does
active list participation count?  How do we know who is responding to
questions asked of them - we can't really track that.

I think Bob Jensen suggested a possible "roundup" is needed.  One, to
see who we still have and two, to see if the program is meeting the
membership's needs.

> People can be on vacation, but for how long?
> Is my opinion they should take care to advice the public on the wiki.

I don't think you can put too many requirement on vacation length's,
busy times at work, etc.  We are all volunteers, so each person should
only need to do what they have time to do to contribute as they can.  I
*do* think though, that if something keeps you away from being able to
respond to requests that may come your way that we can ask people to
keep their personal wiki page up to date with that information.  Stating
that they will be unavailable to make responses.


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