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Re: [Ambassadors] taggin non active ambassadors on he wiki

Hi All,

In regards to this current thread, I just had a quick comment.

I haven't been very active in posting discussions to our email lists, but I have been very active in reading all the latest postings to the lists as they come in.  Being one who has been a HUGE Fedora fan for years, and only more recently, a member of the Ambassadors, I often feel like my inputs would probably be better answered by someone more knowledgable.  However, I do read almost all the threads in our lists.

I am, however, a very vocal supporter of Fedora Core in my daily duties at work and elsewhere.  In my line of work, a lot of my customers and co-workers have been exploring their non-Redmond options, and I am always very quick to encourage them to try Fedora Core.  So, I feel my ambassador participation is more along the lines of being an interface to  folks outside the community.  I am hoping still to get to a point where I can be more actively involved in our email discussions and mailing list threads.

As a side note, I am REALLY REALLY impressed with Core 6!  This is one fantastic release!  You guys have done an incredible job.  A lot of the features that you have improved upon have motivated a lot of the folks I work with to try Fedora Core 6.  I've been burning DVD's for them like crazy!

Thanks so much and I hope my non-written, but verbal communications as an ambassador are valuable to the team!

Casey Jones

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Sent: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 21:06:56 -0500
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Subject: Re: [Ambassadors] taggin non active ambassadors on he wiki

> Guillermo Gómez S. wrote:
> > As discussed in today meeting (irc), the point on discussion is:
> >
> > It hurts the project that some of the ambassadors publish their email
> > address but do not respond to queries at all.
> > My original proposal is to tag them somehow so the general public
> > loose their time trying to contact them.
> I agree that ambassadors not responding to public queries is not a good
> thing. I think a certain responsibility comes with working with the
> ambassador group and this includes answering questions that come from
> the public. If a person does not know the answer, then they should at
> least do their best to acknowledge the question/comment and do what
> can redirect them to an appropriate resource.
> How to determine who the inactive ambassadors are could be a bit more
> problematic. Today there are 178 ambassadors listed on the All
> Ambassadors list in the wiki. What constitutes activity though? Does
> active list participation count? How do we know who is responding to
> questions asked of them - we can't really track that.
> I think Bob Jensen suggested a possible "roundup" is needed. One, to
> see who we still have and two, to see if the program is meeting the
> membership's needs.
> > People can be on vacation, but for how long?
> > Is my opinion they should take care to advice the public on the wiki.
> I don't think you can put too many requirement on vacation length's,
> busy times at work, etc. We are all volunteers, so each person should
> only need to do what they have time to do to contribute as they can. I
> *do* think though, that if something keeps you away from being able to
> respond to requests that may come your way that we can ask people to
> keep their personal wiki page up to date with that information. Stating
> that they will be unavailable to make responses.
> --Jeffrey
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