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Re: [Ambassadors] taggin non active ambassadors on he wiki

Casey Jones wrote:
> I haven't been very active in posting discussions to our email lists,
> but I have been very active in reading all the latest postings to the
> lists as they come in.  Being one who has been a HUGE Fedora fan for
> years, and only more recently, a member of the Ambassadors, I often
> feel like my inputs would probably be better answered by someone more
> knowledgable.  However, I do read almost all the threads in our
> lists.
> I am, however, a very vocal supporter of Fedora Core in my daily
> duties at work and elsewhere.  In my line of work, a lot of my
> customers and co-workers have been exploring their non-Redmond
> options, and I am always very quick to encourage them to try Fedora
> Core.  So, I feel my ambassador participation is more along the lines
> of being an interface to  folks outside the community.  I am hoping
> still to get to a point where I can be more actively involved in our
> email discussions and mailing list threads.

I tend to place more weight with how the ambassador is working with (or
responding to) the public.  That's one of the important things -
representing Fedora in the local community of the ambassador.  So I
would say what you have been doing is great and the lesser amount of
participation in the mailing lists is a non-issue.

So while I agree with Gomix and his idea of tagging non-active
ambassadors it would be difficult to determine who is active and who is
not active - since I think the greatest concern is not responding to
public queries.


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