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Re: [Ambassadors] taggin non active ambassadors on the wiki

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am 05.11.2006 14:04, schrieb Sam Folk-Williams:
> On Sun, 2006-11-05 at 07:33 -0500, Jeffrey Tadlock wrote:
> I would suggest adding a column on the Ambassador list to the effect of
> "Is it OK to contact this ambassador directly?" Where people can
> indicate if they have the time to respond to personal emails. I find
> that some people who want to contact an ambassador email the marketing
> list, which is probably the best way because then everyone can respond. 
I agree to this option because there are too many reasons why someone
don't reply to mails (fulltime job, wrong configured spamfilter etc).

> We could also ask ambassadors (again, adding a column to the list) to
> give a one or two sentence description of the capacity in which they
> consider themselves an ambassador. Just like Casey did in his email to
> the list. This could better set expectations of people who are looking
> to contact an ambassador.
That sounds good. But i think if someone who needs an ambassador with
special capabilities he should uses the marketing list instead of
contacting serveral ambassadors.
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