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Re: [Ambassadors] taggin non active ambassadors on the wiki

Sam Folk-Williams wrote:
> I would suggest adding a column on the Ambassador list to the effect of
> "Is it OK to contact this ambassador directly?" Where people can
> indicate if they have the time to respond to personal emails. I find
> that some people who want to contact an ambassador email the marketing
> list, which is probably the best way because then everyone can respond. 

I may misunderstand the purpose of Ambassadors, but right now one of the
  Aims of the Ambassadors project listed on the main Ambassadors page is
to "Be a point of contact for local community members and channel the
feedback to Fedora Project".  To me this means direct contact, but that
may not be the intention of that statement.

I believe emails to the marketing list are held for moderation from non
list members.  This introduces delay and in my opinion is much less
personable than being able to contact an ambassador local to the area.

My view of what an Ambassador is may differ from what the majority think
though.  I do think if an Ambassador is unavailable for direct contact
that their personal Wiki page should reflect that.  At least that way we
can reduce the number of cases where a person might contact their local
Ambassador and not receive a response.  An extra column you suggest
could also meet that need.


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