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Re: [Ambassadors] taggin non active ambassadors on he wiki

Jeffrey Tadlock wrote:
> So while I agree with Gomix and his idea of tagging non-active
> ambassadors it would be difficult to determine who is active and who is
> not active - since I think the greatest concern is not responding to
> public queries.
As Jeffrey points, the main concern is not how much people is active o
what is he active on, but if he/she is not answering public queries and
public email addresses published on the wiki.
So since is really difficult to know if one ambassadors is responding or
not to the public queries, what is really advisable is not to use
personal email addresses if they are not active answering those queries,
maybe the use of email list language based instead (spanish, french, etc).

I will change my own fedora wiki page to point to our spanish
ambassadors email list as a point of contact (maybe this way the public
can get a better chance to get a response).
I do encourage our spanish friends to do so to better server the public.

If someone has a better idea...

> --Jeffrey
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