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Re: [Ambassadors] Changing location

Well Wassim, it depends completely on you whether you want to keep
building the community in Tunisia or Czech Republic or maybe both :)

Whatever works for you, will work for us :)


On 11/27/06, Wassim K. <wassim karoui fedoraproject org> wrote:
I'm moving soon to Brno, Czech Republic, and I am not sure about how
long I will stay there.
I have been spreading Fedora in Tunisia, not only media, but also
helping people to get used to it, free assistance, creation of a
community http://fedora-tn.org , etc.
My question is, after moving to Czr, shall I keep being Ambassador for
Tunisia, can I be ambassador for Brno (I don't speak Czech and I don't
know almost anybody there), ...
Thanks and best regards,

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