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Re: [Ambassadors] Name for future Fedora distribition?

Dimitris Glezos wrote:
O/H Rahul Sundaram έγραψε:
Tejas Dinkar wrote:
On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, Thomas Canniot sent out 0.9K bytes to say:
Le jeudi 30 novembre 2006 à 14:10 +0100, Gerold Kassube a écrit :
That I would have suggest as well. :)
Best Idea I've heard.

Why do the rebranding bit??

What is wrong with Fedora Core btw?
See http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraSummit/ for the details.

Well, merging Core and Extras doesn't necessarily mean we should change the name
of our distribution. I suggest for us to consider the cost in changing the name.

The name "Fedora Core" has established a reputation as "The distribution the
Fedora Project produces". If we completely discontinue the "Core" product as
such, then there is no conflict in keeping that name for our distribution. It
will simply have a new meaning. Besides, that's what the conscious is: we are
opening up Core; we are not substituting it with something new. We are just
changing the build processes and mechanisms.

We are actually substituting "Fedora Core" with multiple release sets. None of them can be called as a "core" set. The community is in fact free to do more if there is enough interest and people to do the work. It is not just because of the merger of core and extras but also changes in the release process itself and way we enable more derivative distributions. So far what we have done is is include a set of packages in the media as the release while leaving out the rest of them in Fedora Extras.

See http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraSummit/ReleaseProcess for more details on what is being changed.

Indeed, changing the name *will* make more "fedora is getting closer to the
community" noise. But it is arguable whether the difference is big enough to
compensate the loss of the reputation of the phrase "Fedora Core X". Really, I
prefer a headline reading:

  "Starting from Fedora Core 7, the Extras repositories are merged in the Core
   ones. Coordination of the new set of packages is handled by Blah Steering
   Committee, which is ..."

instead of:

  "Fedora Star is the product of the merging of Core and Extras repositories.
  Fedora Star 1 is the first version of this collaborative effort in producing
  a distribution..."

Resetting version numbers is not currently planned.

The majority of the users don't really know what Extras is, don't care that we
changed the process of producing the packages and don't want to learn a new name
every time a change like this might happen. The conscious is that "the next
version will be Fedora Core 7 and we hope more packages will be included in the

That is only part of what we are doing though. Multiple release sets out of a single package pool is another important part of the idea.

To end, I want to say that IMO the most appropriate mailing list to host this
discussion is none other but this very own (the ambassadors' one). It's mostly a
marketing issue which in addition should be discussed in an mailing list open to

This list requires people to be a ambassador first. If you want to discuss it with everyone the more appropriate list might be fedora-marketing list.


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