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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora European Infrastructure - 2nd try

> a non profit organisation, and sell things through a shop, there are no tax at all normally (or at least in france)

Personally, I'm not sure it the best way, because the high risk is to
forget we are a Global community, i think we can use the existent tool
RedHat is offering, we can use RedHat Germany or France or something
else as our money box or just open a Swiss account (as Joerg proposed)
that will solved this issue (you can chose an anonymous account, with
password, as someone said).

> bank account managed by a legal entity (not by an individual) 

See the text above.

> a swiss bank account (proposed by JoergSimon)
>     -  before or after LinuxTag2007 ? - not yet decided

I think it's better to open this one after LinuxTag, so we can decide
all together the best solution (real discussion is, in my opinion, one
of the best tool to decide about this issue).

I encourage all European (and non) to say their opinion.


Francesco Ugolini

Mirjam Wäckerlin ha scritto:
> Hello,
> The thread about Fedora European Infrastructure (FEI) has been silent
> for quite a while – too long IMHO. It would be a pity if this idea
> went down, because we have the possibility to enhance the
> infrastructure in Europe now, and chances like this don't come along
> every day.
> By now, European Ambassadors are dependent from RedHat US when it
> comes to shipping dvds, merchandise, or having money for events etc.
> If the FEI idea succeeds, Europe could have its own budget (and more
> autonomy), and FEI will decide who will get the money.
> I've got the impression that there is no clear picture of what FEI
> would do and what it would be good for. Let give me some very simple
> „use cases" of what FEI could do.
> Someone wants to do a fedora booth on an important event. For costs
> like printing flyers, merchandise, travelling and hotel he can ask FEI
> who will decide if and how much money from the budget he will get.
> Some events are more important than others, and the budget may not be
> enough to cover all of them. FEI will create a public list with events
> who have to be covered (with the help of all European Ambassadors).
> Someone experiences problems while organising an event (this problems
> may be: finances, the application for the event or others) FEI is the
> point of contact.
> Non-local European events (like Fosdem or European FADs) where
> Ambassadors from all over Europe/the world will meet will be
> coordinated by FEI.
> French Ambassadors have made the decision to create a local entity. If
> Ambassadors from a country do so, they will have all the support from
> FEI (and from all other Ambassadors, too, of course). Creating a local
> entity though is a lot of work which is not Fedora specific, meaning
> the work is mostly bureaucratic and centering at legal tasks. This is
> - with FEI -  not imperatively needed, because FEI will create the
> missing infrastructure and step in, especially where Europeans feel
> left behind. But if Ambassadors from a country are still convinced
> that they need a legal entity, they merit the support from all of us.
> The question if FEI should be a legal entity: personally, I wouldn't
> like it, because FEI is not there for doing bureaucratic tasks. But
> this point should be clarified by a lawyer, to be sure that there
> won't be any legal problems.
> Another proposition on this list was to wait till LinuxTag to discuss
> the subject over there. I think it's better to discuss and make the
> decision here, because this is an important subject where everybody
> should have the possibility to discuss about and get involved. Let's
> use Linuxtag as a place to officially launch FEI. Chitlesh and I think
> Gerold will be the perfect ambassador to cut the ribbon ;-)
> Now, I ask every Ambassador on this list: take five minutes and think
> about this idea, and how we can get it to work. Then reply here, or
> better: speed to the wikipage to edit it
> (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Drafts/Europe).
> And last but not least: if you are interested in becoming the FEI,
> raise your hand!
> Regards,
> Mirjam
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