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Re: [Ambassadors] Fedora European Infrastructure - 2nd try

Sorry I've misspelled what i want to say. I mean during LinuxTag.

Sorry again

Chitlesh GOORAH ha scritto:
> On 4/1/07, Francesco Ugolini wrote:
>> >     -  before or after LinuxTag2007 ? - not yet decided
>> I think it's better to open this one after LinuxTag, so we can decide
>> all together the best solution (real discussion is, in my opinion, one
>> of the best tool to decide about this issue).
> Hello there,
> Ok, if we _open_ it (as you said) after LinuxTag,
> - when will the discussions take place ?
> - who will engage into _serious_ discussions ?
> - who will lead ?
>     no one stepped forward yet. If it continues, let's forget FEI.
> May, June and July are always busy months for students like me. So you
> will less likely see some of us active during that period.
> In general, the best solution is always taken out from many solutions.
> The latter hasn't yet made surface. And "many solutions" implies real
> discussion, we haven't yet done.
> regards,
> Chitlesh


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