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Re: [Ambassadors] Active/Inactive Ambassadors

This discussion will end on April 20th, then FAmSCo will review all the
comments, suggestions and will announce the final decision on April 30th.


Francesco Ugolini

Chitlesh GOORAH ha scritto:
> On 4/1/07, mak wrote:
>>  The de-facto in this part of the world (Bangladesh) Internet
>> density/affordability/stability to be synchronised with you. So, please
>> consider member's (or ambassador's) presence in M-L / irc meetings
>> (moreover, timezone issue).
>> I'm working towards popularization of Fedora in the real world (free
>> support
>> over the phone included), just don't get the time to update in the M-L.
> Hello,
> I understand you, mak. Considering the number of attendees during the
> meeting, perhaps you can propose a time that suits you.
> Since the meeting alternates from 14:00 utc to 22:00 utc each week,
> perhaps one of the time can be altered to satisfy another attendee. Of
> course this doesn't apply only to Mak, but to everyone, even those who
> recently join the fedora ambassador project.
> I like Francesco's proposal of housekeeping.
> Here are my comments
> - We should remove the distinction between RH employees and the
> community. Afterall the merge of core and extras unites RH employees
> and community.
> - Before setting one's status as inactive, I would suggest informing
> the ML at least 2 weeks in advance. Thus giving time for the
> ambassador to justify and at the same time anyone can justify the
> activity of the ambassador in question.
> Francesco, you should fix a deadline for discussions to ensure that
> your proposal will still be alive after some weeks.
> regards,
> Chitlesh


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